Here is a quick excerpt from a post Brad Brisco shared on the VERGE Network.

Most Christians live in the ordinary everyday world, working, making a living, raising families, paying taxes, contributing to society and culture, getting along, doing their bit. But in what sense is the life of believers living in the “ordinary” realm – what we call the public square – part of the mission of God’s people?

Has God called us to a particular vocation for His purposes? Is God active in our places of work? Is He even interested in the public square? [Christopher] Wright answers:

Many Christians seem to operate on the everyday assumption that God is not. Or at least, they assume that God is not interested in the world of everyday work for its own sake, as distinct from being interested in it as a context for evangelism. God, it would seem, cares about the church and its affairs, about missions and missionaries, about getting people to heaven, but not about how society and its public places are conducted on earth.

– Wright, Christopher, The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission

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